Team Fox

What is TeamFox?
Why the Michael J. Fox Foundation?

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is not something you
expect at age 36, but I was lucky in that my diagnosis came
several years after Michael J. Fox revealed he had been
diagnosed with PD. That meant a wealth of resources and
information were available to me about how to handle the
diagnosis, not to mention the $450 million in research that
has been funded through the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Team Fox was launched in January 2006 as a way to support
individual efforts to raise money for the Michael J. Fox
Foundation, and all the proceeds from WOVOG projects are
donated to that foundation.

Both the Michael J Fox Foundation and TeamFox take their
responsibility to their donors seriously. 100% of funds raised
by TeamFox goes straight to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
Of each dollar spent by the Michael J Fox Foundation, 89
cents goes to grants and initiatives to speed a cure for Parkinson’s
disease (88 cents since inception in 2000).

By supporting WOVOG’s Team Fox efforts, you are helping
the Michael J. Fox Foundation achieve its mission to bring
better treatments and, ultimately, a cure to people living
with Parkinson’s disease.

—Melissa Tatum, Chair WOVOG Foundation